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The Grand Illusion: A Strategy

Have you heard the following thought expressed recently in one way or the another, “I’m less worried about what new black swans might swim onto our screens and more worried that we will just wake up one day, peer out of our bunker of habituated indifferences to the drumbeat of troubling news and decide, suddenly, … Continue Reading

Complexity Is Not The Enemy

I’m getting pretty annoyed at the calumny heaped upon “complexity.”  Everyone wants to “hit the ball down the middle of the fairway”; “keep it simple, stupid”;  “Stick to the knitting…”; “Plain vanilla only, please.”  Don’t do anything not in the precedent.  Oh, please.  Okay, I’ll admit I’m talking my book here, but this is an … Continue Reading

Budgets and Debt: The Cheshire Cat Apocalypse

Writing at the beginning of the week in which the government is supposed to run out of money, it’s worth noting the cognitive dissidence between the political chattering classes who clogged the airways this weekend with threats of doom and other apocalyptic noise and what’s actually happening on my desk. If I wasn’t already numbed … Continue Reading

Day 1: CREFC Sizzles on South Beach

The Loews Hotel buzzed with optimism on the first day of the CREFC January conference, as over 1,300 attendees descended on South Beach.  After catching up with many friends, the Monday morning session began with lively meetings of the Agency Investors Forum, the High Yield and Investment Forum, the Issuers Forum and the Portfolio Lenders … Continue Reading


So after another bad news week in Europe, I’m a bit gloomy about the future of the capital markets. As we try to run a business and help our clients, I’ve got this narrative running through my head about Europe. I keep running this movie back and forth in my head hoping it will help me tease … Continue Reading

And the Momentum is Going Which Way?

My team and I have spent the better part of the past eight weeks dealing with Irish loans and other portfolios of…stuff. While the conduit market was imploding, pipelines were being aggressively repriced and loan production was shifting into a very low gear, there has been a full scale feeding frenzy for portfolios of seasoned … Continue Reading

ASF 2011 Kicks Off in Orlando, Florida

ASF 2011 kicked off yesterday, February 6, at the Orlando World Center Marriott.  Dechert attorneys Malcolm Dorris, Ralph Mazzeo, Patrick Dolan, John Timperio, Cindy Williams, Andrew Pontano, Lorien Golaski and I are hosting a cocktail party for clients and friends here this evening. Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on … Continue Reading

Cisneros Discusses State of CRE

Last Thursday – an archetypal rainy and windswept late October afternoon in New England (think orange and red leaves underfoot, Finny and Gene walking to class, etc., etc.) – I attended the annual Symposium offered by the Real Estate Council of Boston College . In attendance, perhaps one hundred and fifty lenders, developers, investors, lawyers, brokers, … Continue Reading

Vacation Induced Optimism?

It seems that I use most of my time in this space to rail against an unthoughtful regulatory architecture that will certainly surprise and may ultimately do unintended and substantial harm to our nascent and uncertain recovery. While, from where I sit, it’s still fair to say this market continues to show little real conviction … Continue Reading