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Own-to-Rent: New Approach to Overflow REO Gaining Attention

With little good news on the horizon for the U.S. residential housing market, public and private programs offering the sale of bulk residential REO is, in many circles, the topic for real estate investment.  The REO-to-Rental play is not without its risks – questions about the availability of financing and the viability of a structured … Continue Reading

CREFC Distressed Debt Conference Update

Last month three of our colleagues attended the Distressed Debt Conference sponsored by CREFC at the New York Athletic Club. Since the topics of distressed debt and loan sales are frequently covered by CrunchedCredit, we thought an update on this conference was worth providing. For those of us not in the New York office, travelling to NYC … Continue Reading

Sale of Hancock Tower Completes Distressed Debt Turnaround

A recent Boston Magazine piece on Jack Connors (co-founder of Hill Holliday, Boston College alum and heir to the late Ted Kennedy’s position as city patriarch) noted, quite rightly, that the Hub is somewhat unique among major American cities in that no single industry dominates its cultural identity. In New York, Wall Street is (still) … Continue Reading

Distressed Debt: Boston Properties Next Up At Bay Colony

Two weeks ago, As the World Turns – a CBS soap opera documenting the lives of the inhabitants of the fictional town of Oakdale, Illinois – ended a 54 year run on daytime television. A shorter-tenured, but nonetheless compelling, local epic aired this week as Boston Properties announced that it had emerged from a bidding … Continue Reading