With little good news on the horizon for the U.S. residential housing market, public and private programs offering the sale of bulk residential REO is, in many circles, the topic for real estate investment.  The REO-to-Rental play is not without its risks – questions about the availability of financing and the viability of a structured exit remain as key questions.  Still, the strategy may present a favorable opportunity for banks and investors alike.

Over the past few months, an inter-disciplinary group of Dechert finance, real estate, regulatory, banking, securitization and financial services attorneys have had several conversations with clients discussing how these deals will work.  This week, I co-authored a brief article together with my partners Patrick Dolan, Mac Dorris, Bob Ledig, Ralph Mazzeo, Tom Vartanian, Jay Zagoren and Gordon Miller that highlights an innovative program initiated by the FHFA, designed to convert thousands of single family REO to rental properties.  This article focuses primarily on the issues faced by investors, and provides a detailed explanation of the FHFA’s plan and recent events related to the initiative.

Now if only we could convince this year’s crop of college graduates to rent an apartment instead of returning home … 


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By:  Matthew Clark