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I Urgently Want to Report the Deaths of the Non-Con Opinion (But Probably Cannot…Yet)

Our friend, Dan Rubock, just inked an interesting and timely piece entitled, “Key pillars of loan structural quality are eroding, especially in single-borrower deals.”  As usual, Dan’s views at Moody’s are worth considerable attention.  That piece focused on bad-boy carve-out guaranties, the quality of borrower financial information, property release provisions, qualified transfer provisions and cash … Continue Reading

On Appeal: The Michigan Court of Appeals Overturns It’s Prior Ruling and Affirms the State’s 2012 Legislation, Nonrecourse Mortgage Loan Act, Which Invalidates Recourse Carveout Guaranties Triggered by Borrower Insolvency

As we have discussed numerous times in this blog (here, here, here and here), the downturn in the commercial real estate market resulted in much litigation as to guarantor liability for non-recourse debt. As a brief refresher, many of the non-recourse loans made during the CMBS boom included an agreement that, in an event of … Continue Reading

Caught up in a Waive: Federal Judge Holds Guarantor Liable for Disputed Deficiency

Last month, Federal District Court Judge Milton I. Shadur (a long-time Federal Judge and something of a legal legend in Illinois) held a guarantor liable for a deficiency claim brought in connection with a Georgia foreclosure – notwithstanding the fact that the deficiency could not be pursued under Georgia law. The case – Inland Mortgage … Continue Reading

Bad Boys: New York Supreme Court Upholds Recourse Guaranty

Earlier this month, the New York Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the enforceability of a springing recourse guaranty given in connection with a commercial real estate loan that provided for a full "blow-up" upon voluntary bankruptcy. [Author’s Note: the decision can still be appealed: New Yorkers tend to call their trial court the "Supreme … Continue Reading
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