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A Trip Through the Labyrinth – The Regulatory Man in Full

And now to return to our commentary a few weeks back about the stultifying impact of ill-thought through rules and regulations (at best) (Brexit has intervened).  This is our Regulatory State which broadly attempted to pick winners and losers and modify market behavior, to get an engineered outcome by using the blunderbuss of proscriptive rules … Continue Reading

ABS East 2013 Conference

Dechert’s securitization team is looking forward to attending the ABS East 2013 (“ABS East”) conference, which kicks off on October 6, 2013 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, FL. The conference is expecting more than 3,600 participants so it will be an ideal opportunity to connect with clients and other key players in the securitization … Continue Reading


Out of the dimensionless emptiness of the information vacuum surrounding Dodd-Frank risk retention that enveloped us early this year, the word is now spreading, through what you might charitably describe as informal communications (leaks), that the joint regulatory committee responsible for the risk retention rules is about to re-propose something, perhaps as early as September.… Continue Reading

Dechert and American Bankers Association Release Strategic Guide to the Ability-to-Repay/Qualified Mortgage Rules

While we here at CrunchedCredit recognize that many of our readers spend their days deep in commercial lending land, we also like to provide updates for our residential lending friends from time to time (and for our commercial lending friends who like to be able to impress their resi-friends at cocktail parties). You may have … Continue Reading

Qualified Mortgage Rule Emerges as Critical Issue in Restructuring of Residential Mortgage Market Regulation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the “CFPB”) is currently charged with defining a “Qualified Mortgage” (a “QM”). The federal banking agencies, the SEC, the FHFA and the Department of HUD are jointly charged with defining a “Qualified Residential Mortgage” (a “QRM”), and the QRM definition cannot be any broader than the QM definition. A narrowly … Continue Reading

2011 ABS East Conference

Ahh, Miami. I’d say it’s good to be back here at the Fontainebleau for ABS East 2011 but it’s been pouring and exceptionally windy so my time outdoors will be limited.  Dechert attorneys Mac Dorris, Ralph Mazzeo, John Timperio, Cindy Williams, Larry Berkovich, Lorien Golaski, Andrew Pontano and I hosted a well-attended cocktail party Sunday … Continue Reading

SIFMA Spotlight Series: Risk Retention and Qualified Residential Mortgages

On May 5, SIFMA hosted a Spotlight Series: Risk Retention and Qualified Residential Mortgages.  It was immediately apparent that unintended consequences of the proposed risk retention rules (pdf) abound. The panelists acknowledged that the regulators had a very tough mandate, and that the rules are way more complicated than anticipated.  It was estimated that approximately … Continue Reading
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