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A Trip Through the Labyrinth – The Regulatory Man in Full

And now to return to our commentary a few weeks back about the stultifying impact of ill-thought through rules and regulations (at best) (Brexit has intervened).  This is our Regulatory State which broadly attempted to pick winners and losers and modify market behavior, to get an engineered outcome by using the blunderbuss of proscriptive rules … Continue Reading

Risk Retention: It’s the Fourth Quarter and the Home Team is Getting Glum

We thought it would be useful to give a quick, interim update on the slow-motion train wreck that is our industry’s response to the upcoming effectiveness of the Risk Retention Rule.  For those of you who have been blessedly snoozing under a rock these past couple of years, the Risk Retention Rule becomes effective on … Continue Reading

It’s Time to Revisit Risk Retention

Two and a half years after Dodd-Frank and almost two years after the first hurriedly issued proposed rules, the six agencies (Department of Housing and Urban Development, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Federal Housing Finance Agency, Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) charged with creating risk retention … Continue Reading

Innovation In Securitization Is Here: And It’s About Time!

Rialto Capital – Series 2012-LT1 is a done deal. It represents a huge innovation in commercial real estate structured finance. This is the first liquidating trust vehicle successfully securitized in the United States since the famous RTC N Series and its progeny of the mid-1990s. Briefly, the transaction involved the pooling of sub-performing, non-performing and REO assets pursuant to … Continue Reading


It’s that time of year when we’re forced to think about budgets and business plans. The pointy headed types from the accounting department want to know exactly what we’ll be doing the second week of next May and, as I’m sure every one of you have said (or thought) when confronted with such bureaucratic insanity: If I … Continue Reading

Summary of a CREFC After-Work Seminar: The Return of the Public Deal or the Regulator Strikes Back?

What’s with all these public CMBS offerings?  And what about all that rule-making?  The registered market has otherwise been frozen since the pre-crisis days, and the cloud of heavy-handed regulation looming over our heads is anything but an invitation to dust off your public shelf.  Moreover, given that some of those regulations may be (or have … Continue Reading

CREFC Convention Recap and Making Way For Duck Boats

Here in Boston, we’ve had a busy but productive week since the CREFC June Convention culminated –punctuated with more than a million hockey fans witnessing a parade of Duck Boats waddle through the Back Bay. The Convention itself saw a smaller (albeit similarly excitable) parade of lenders, borrowers, servicers and other industry participants descend on … Continue Reading

CMBS 2.0: Has the time come for an industry-form A/B Colender?

Early last decade, two Dechert partners, Tim Stafford and Dave Forti, published Mezzanine Debt: Suggested Standard Form of Intercreditor Agreement (pdf) in CMBS World. The article proposed a standard form of mortgage-mezzanine intercreditor that provided a portion of the bedrock upon which the architecture of CRE mezzanine lending would be built for the years to follow. … Continue Reading

TriBeCa 2.0: CREFC Prepares to Release Model Loan Seller Reps and Warrants

Last Wednesday, Laura Swihart and I attended CREFC’s after-work seminar on the new model set of representations and warranties, which the group is set to release in coming weeks. The model set is the product of a patchwork committee of 50-odd individuals representing the full gamut of industry types – securitization issuers, bond investors, rating … Continue Reading

Seven Year Cycles and Five Month Memories

Leading with the good news, the commercial mortgage finance market is back and growing at a brisk pace.  From a few standalones in the fourth quarter of 2009, we’ve gotten to a remarkable place.  Even during the first half of 2010, while lenders were hesitantly starting to lend, precious few lenders actually had real balance sheet availability for securitization.  That changed.  … Continue Reading

GSEs: The Night of the Living Dead

I am on a Halloween kick right now – it’s the elections. I hear Zombies are popular this year.  Zombies indeed.  Do you ever think this could be a deeply sophisticated and sly commentary on our GSEs?  How droll.  They are scary.  How about that for a segue. The private securitization market for residential mortgages … Continue Reading

Careful What You Wish For…

The gestation of CMBS 2.0 continues apace. A slow pace. The bulk of the deals look an awful lot like CMBS 1.0, but at least one, the Goldman/Citi deal, seemed to come right out of the playbook of the activist investment grade ad hoc committee that has been fulminating for fundamental change in the structure … Continue Reading

Industry Considers CMBS 2.0 Rep Package

Issuers, investors, rating agencies and other industry participants continue to wrestle with the fundamental changes that will come to define CMBS 2.0. Among the (many) issues raised in the "Best Practices" guidelines issued by CREFC during June’s get-together was a proposal for market-wide, programmatic change to the package of representations and warranties given by securitization … Continue Reading

Aligning the Money and the Mouth

Goldman and Citi are about to launch a moderate size new CMBS conduit deal. This would follow on the heels of JP Morgan’s more or less successful offering in June. Comparing these two deals is going to be a huge “tell” about CMBS 2.0. If market chatter is right, the Goldman/Citi deal will have many … Continue Reading

Securitization Survives Round One

Back from vacation … The sheer joy of re-engagement cannot be captured in words.  But, can there be a better way of restarting than perusing FinReg?  Being the parochial structured finance lawyer that I am, I start with Subtitle D with the Potemkin village-like name of  "Improvements to the Asset Backed Securitization Process" and Section … Continue Reading