Recently, Dechert Partner Sarah Milam partook in an auto ABS panel discussion at ABS East in Miami, Florida.  Sarah and four distinguished panelists discussed the state of the ABS auto loan market, issuance, yields, collateral performance, ESG trends, and deal structures.  Sarah sat down with Associate Griffin Hamilton to recap the conference.
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Last week, an estimated gathering of over 4,700 of the industry’s finest descended on Miami for IMN’s ABS East conference. The mood was upbeat and the meeting rooms (and the lobby bar) were crowded, as participants raced to fit in as many meetings as possible. If there was one overall takeaway from the conference, it was that there is a lot of money looking to invest in the ABS sector, which continues to enjoy strong fundamentals and a hearty appetite for deal making. We are excited to see all the term sheets that come out of this conference and help get some of those deals closed.
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Although registration was up this year for IMN’s 22nd Annual ABS East conference held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach earlier this month, attendance was lower than it’s been in previous years as many industry participants decided against attending due to concerns about the recent Zika outbreak in Miami. The CLO sector, however, continued to be well represented and the consensus of the conference attendees was that CLOs have a very positive future ahead.
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By: Daniel Wohlberg and Sean Solis

On Sunday, September 21st through Tuesday, September 23rd, almost 3,500 industry insiders descended upon Miami Beach for the 20th annual ABS East Conference at the acclaimed Fontainebleau Hotel. The enthusiasm and excitement was palpable considering the record setting year the market had so far, especially in the CLO space.  The general tenor was cautious optimism as many believe the roaring market would continue for the next few years, but saving a bit of hesitation for some of the regulatory pitfalls up ahead.  Most were comfortable, however, considering the market’s resilience in dealing with the recent implementation of the Volcker Rule.

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Ahh, Miami. I’d say it’s good to be back here at the Fontainebleau for ABS East 2011 but it’s been pouring and exceptionally windy so my time outdoors will be limited.  Dechert attorneys Mac Dorris, Ralph Mazzeo, John Timperio, Cindy Williams, Larry Berkovich, Lorien Golaski, Andrew Pontano and I hosted a well-attended cocktail party Sunday night. It was great to catch up with our friends/clients in person.

Monday morning began with a general session where some blurbs about risk retention from this October 14 New York Times article were projected on two very large screens. I later attended the “Evolving Risk Retention Requirements” panel before lunch. It’s been a while since the joint regulators released the credit risk retention NPR back in March of this year. In response, hundreds of comment letters were submitted. Click here for the ones posted by the SEC. We have blogged repeatedly on this topic here at CrunchedCredit.

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The final day of ABS East in Miami closed on Tuesday late afternoon and we’re back home with no suntans.

Those of us who didn’t overdo it on Monday evening (we won’t mention names) started Day 3 at a panel discussion titled “Lessons from the Financial Crisis: Required Steps for Rebuilding the Investor Base and Future Sources of Liquidity.”

Talking about RMBS, the consensus is that the economics just aren’t working for issuers, let alone the other impediments to getting deals done these days. Current interest rates on jumbo mortgage loans are too low. Over the next six months, however, at least one panelist thinks spreads will come in and the dearth of alternative investment grade securities that are attractive to investors will help the RMBS sector.

One panelist said that too much leverage cracked the world economy and if institutions become so highly levered again, it will happen again. Insofar as regulations are concerned, many of us agree with him that it is irresponsibility that needs to be regulated.
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Dechert attorneys kicked off ABS East by hosting a Day 1 cocktail party at the Fontainebleau that was well attended by our friends and clients.

Day 2 of ABS East is underway. The Monday opening panel– Restoring Confidence and Rebuilding the Industry: The Role of Securitization– drew a pretty full house.

The general consensus is that the regulatory bodies are in the way and will cause delay in the recovery of the securitization market. I won’t go so far as to claim it wasn’t broke and didn’t need some fixing, but it’s clear the fixing to come is going to take a while. Without definitive rules, potential issuers can not evaluate the cost to enter the market. If we had a more targeted response to our problems from Congress and the regulators we could avoid this delay.

On the resi front, clearly the GSEs have crowded out private issuance, which has been facilitated by Congress and the Fed. Whereas commercial real estate found a natural bottom, the feeling is that resi never did. And, as one panelist put it, "distressed loans continue to pose a lingering cloud preventing meaningful recovery." The question was posed as to why there was nothing much after Redwood in the resi space. Again, the GSEs are dominating that space. Conforming loan limits have never been higher and it’s increasingly more difficult to even qualify for a jumbo loan under current underwriting criteria. With CMBS, it’s possible to get a reasonable number of loans. RMBS requires many more loans and there’s competition for the best loans.Continue Reading Live From the ABS East

We’re looking forward to ABS East October 3-5. More than 2,200 attendees are expected to gather at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach to discuss current topics in securitization.  Hot topics this year include Lessons from the Financial Crisis, Restoring Confidence and Rebuilding the Industry, the Role of Securitization in Revitalizing the Economy, Assessing the Changing Face