Financial Regulation Reform Tracker

The Trump administration and Republican Congress have big plans for the next four years.  The financial industry could face a complete policy 180 faster than the POTUS can tweet out 140 characters.  Or a delicately crafted executive order could have no actual real world impact at all.

To keep up with it all, we at Dechert are proud to introduce the Financial Regulation Reform Tracker, a tracking tool we developed to keep you abreast of executive actions, legislation and regulations from announcement to enactment and beyond.  Our Tracker aims to give you the right amount of information to help you understand what’s happening and how it could affect you.  Subscribe to receive email alerts with the latest developments or visit the Financial Regulation Reform Tracker website for more information.

For more information about finance, real estate and securitization matters related to our dynamic legislative and regulatory landscape, please contact Rick Jones or Devin Swaney.