Following a great evening with our clients and friends at the top of the Hay Adams, Conference Co-Chair Rick Jones kicked off Conference Day 2 here at CREFC with a panel on the slow-motion car crash that is the European sovereign crisis. And while the Bank runs,  a 100 billion in land loans, and GrexIt combine to paint a sobering picture for the next few months, we’re all continuing to look for opportunities. Do we go from crisis to calm to crisis? Will Europe begin to federalize? Will investors in CRE eventually get used to the Euro ups and downs and just ignore it? Lots of questions, not many concrete answers.

Later in the day George Will delivered an entertaining key note address before a capacity crowd. Taxation, social security and health care reform were among the topics discussed, along with a concise overview of the upcoming general election. The keynote address was humorous but insightful, and underscored the multitude of issues facing our nation.

It’s been a great and engaging conference, and we look forward to taking on these issues and finding new opportunities.


By: Stewart McQueen and Matthew Ginsburg