We at CrunchedCredit.com hope that our written words provide insight and amusement on topics our readers care about.  And although we enjoy putting pen to paper (so to speak), we are always looking for new ways to connect with our client base and readership. Recently, CrunchedCredit.com blogger Rick Jones joined his partners George Mazin and Holland  West of the Financial Services Group, Thomas P. Vartanian of the Financial Institutions Group, James Waddington of the Banking and Finance Group in Dechert’s London office and Ian Hartman of the Corporate and Securities Group in the first installment of Dechert’s Video Briefing Series: “The Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis: Investment Risks and Opportunities.”

Spend a few minutes with Rick and his partners as they present their comments on the continuing sovereign debt crisis. Although the crisis began in Greece more than two years ago, fears of the financial contagion have spread to several other Eurozone countries. Such uncertainty continues to shape the behavior of the U.S. financial markets. The next few months will be critical in determining whether European leaders can hash out a long-term solution to deal with the debt crisis looming over the Eurozone countries. Watch this Video Briefing to find out why Rick thinks this could be an enormous opportunity for those who have capital and can absorb risk.

By Matthew Ginsburg