I regret to inform you, my loyal readers and particularly those who regularly take the time to send me notes telling me I’m being ridiculous or agreeing with my dyspeptic bloviations, that CrunchedCredit is retired. I very much enjoyed writing CrunchedCredit these past 12 years and I truly appreciate my readership. As I write each edition, I think I’m talking to you and that makes it fun and entertaining for me. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the hardworking, loyal and perspicacious CrunchedCredit team led by principal editors Ralph Mazzeo, Craig Brown and the COO of the whole enterprise, Jon Gaynor.

Whenever you encounter something irritating, annoying or nonsensical that affects or impacts our market, please feel free to channel your inner CrunchedCredit. You probably can guess what I would say.

While CrunchedCredit is retired, I am not. I would love to hear from you all. In the meantime, Dechert is committed to keeping you informed on finance and real estate developments through our OnPoint publications and the recently-launched 4 Real commercial real estate finance podcast.