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Why Regulation Fails

I’d like everyone to go out and buy a copy of Professor Paul Mahoney’s slender new book, Wasting a Crisis – Why Securities Regulation Fails.  Paul is a brilliant guy.  Until this spring, he was the dean of the University of Virginia School of Law where he is the David and Mary Harrison Distinguished Professor … Continue Reading

A Trip Through the Labyrinth – The Regulatory Man in Full

And now to return to our commentary a few weeks back about the stultifying impact of ill-thought through rules and regulations (at best) (Brexit has intervened).  This is our Regulatory State which broadly attempted to pick winners and losers and modify market behavior, to get an engineered outcome by using the blunderbuss of proscriptive rules … Continue Reading

The Consequences of a Failed Banking Union

I told the Blog team that I had sworn off writing about Europe for a while; but really. The FT opinionized last week that the EU ministerial decision to agree on a standard “bail-in” to fix broken European banks was a good thing. The editorial ended with a ringing endorsement “something is, however, better than … Continue Reading

Undue Commercial Real Estate Risks Are Bad: The Mathematical Proof of the Blindingly Obvious

I was entertaining myself early this morning by looking over a joint agency report just released entitled “An Analysis of the Impact of the Commercial Real Estate Concentration Guidance”. This report summarizes the performance of bank CRE portfolios following the issuance of interagency guidance in 2006 entitled “Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate Lending, Sound Risk … Continue Reading

Second Annual IMN CLO and Leveraged Loan Conference Update

The second annual IMN CLO and Leveraged Loan Conference returned to New York this past week. Building on last year’s momentum (discussed here), over 1,500 managers and investors, in addition to structurers, bankers, lawyers and other industry actors, filled the convention space at the Conrad Hotel, doubling last year’s attendance and causing standing room only … Continue Reading

CLO Update: New FDIC Rules on “Higher Risk Securitizations”

The FDIC’s new rules (promulgated per the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act) for calculating deposit insurance assessments for insured depository institutions, including "large institutions" and "highly complex institutions," are set to become effective on April Fool’s Day, 2013. No kidding. As institutions of this type are active investors in CLOs, particularly the “AAA”-rated tranche of CLOs, … Continue Reading

The Regs that Bind

In the world of magical realism which produced that paragon of legislative genius known as Dodd-Frank, I have had energy for only a bit of remote intellectual annoyance over the impact of the part of the Rule commonly known as “Volcker”.… Continue Reading

As Covered Bond Markets Retreat

Any number of banks in the United States have been courting, in a desultory sort of way, the covered bond. The Street has been scratching its head for many years trying to determine whether a U.S. covered bond could be done and, if so, whether it would be good. Congressman Garrett, who certainly can’t be … Continue Reading

Covered Bonds Redux

Senators Kaye Hagan and Bob Corker’s co-sponsorship of Chuck Schumer and Mike Crappo (who says we all can’t get along) filed “The United States Covered Bond Act of 2011.” I almost think this bill gets support because no one can figure out a compelling reason to be for or against it, so why not show a … Continue Reading

Covered Bond Update: The Slow Road to…Nowhere?

Dechert Partners Patrick Dolan, Thomas Vartanian and Robert Ledig recently reviewed the current status of and proposed amendments to Representative Garrett’s covered bond legislation in the latest Dechert On Point. As this bill continues to slog through the congressional halls (for now, the bill appears to have stalled in the Senate, as the Senate faces … Continue Reading

Covered Bond Update: Inching Closer?

Recently, while visiting my in-laws, I took a break from college basketball and the Daytona 500 and caught up on the latest developments in the quest for covered bond legislation in the United States.  Not surprisingly, I quickly found that the quest for covered bond legislation is, well, still a quest. We have discussed the … Continue Reading

What Are We Still Waiting For and When Should it Arrive?

I have a Leapster Explorer™ on order for my son’s 5th birthday that I seriously hope arrives in the next two days, but in addition to that delivery, there’s a lot of securitization-related rulemaking required or permitted to be delivered under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that was enacted on July … Continue Reading

Fa la la la la, la la, OLA

Another item to add to the growing list of possible unintended consequences of financial reform in connection with ABS: Section 210(a)(11) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Reform Act”)—Avoidable Transfers. Here’s the who, what, where, when, why and how ABS are affected. WHO? A “covered financial company” of which the … Continue Reading

Commercial Real Estate 2010 Recap: And the Golden Turkey Award Goes To…

 With Thanksgiving upon us and the holiday season in full swing, we here at CrunchedCredit.com would like to present our “Golden Turkeys”, noting certain special contributions to the ongoing resurrection of the Commercial Real Estate Finance industry. The Golden Turkey for the Best Self-Inflicted Wound: FASB Hands down, this goes to the Financial Accounting Standards … Continue Reading

FDIC: Mining a Safe Harbor

Last week the FDIC approved its final Safe Harbor Rule regarding securitization. That something that sounds so good could be so bad leaves you thinking: can’t we catch a break in trying to repair this damaged economy? To set the stage a bit, the FDIC has a suite of powers, while acting as conservator or … Continue Reading

Securitization Survives Round One

Back from vacation … The sheer joy of re-engagement cannot be captured in words.  But, can there be a better way of restarting than perusing FinReg?  Being the parochial structured finance lawyer that I am, I start with Subtitle D with the Potemkin village-like name of  "Improvements to the Asset Backed Securitization Process" and Section … Continue Reading

FDIC and Congress Renew Covered Bonds Discussion

The push for covered bond legislation – left on the cutting room floor when Fin Reg. was finalized during a marathon session last week (or should I say finalized subject to Senator Scott Brown’s continuing review) – is coming under renewed discussion by Congress (led by Representative Scott Garret) and the FDIC. The FDIC balked … Continue Reading

FDIC Loan Sale Program: Lending at the 19th Hole

Community banks – long touted as the “next domino to fall” during this late unpleasantness – were expected to be a significant source of distressed assets for savvy investors.  However, many are finding the FDIC Structured Loan Sale Program a long and bumpy road for investment. Historically, the FDIC operated to separate the wheat (failed … Continue Reading

Reconciliation Update: Covered Bonds

Earlier this week, Representative Scott Garrett (R-NJ) introduced an amendment to the proposed financial reform legislation that will establish a regulatory framework for a covered bond market in the United States.  The House side of the reconciliation committee quickly passed the measure – the Senate side is now considering it.  This development is welcomed news … Continue Reading

More From FASB

FASB wants to expand Fair Value to other financial assets.  That bears repeating:  FASB has published an Exposure Draft that would extend the dubious joys of fair value accounting to ALL financial assets.  I so wish I was making this up.  On May 26, 2010, FASB published this missive. Fair Value seems to hold a … Continue Reading

Why is Sheila Bair Making Rules on the Safe Harbor for Bank Securitization?

As if we didn’t have enough trouble already, we’re now caught in the political cross-fire between Sheila Bair at the FDIC and the rest of the regulatory apparatchnik of the capital markets. We all commented last week on the FDIC’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“ANPR”) on the new safe harbor for bank securitization. It seems little … Continue Reading